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Our students have fun learning!

Free Play, Classroom, Circle Time,
Outdoor activities, Devotion and more!

Classroom time ~  Pre-reading, pre-math skills, stories, crafts, simple cutting, letter immersion, games, numbers, colors, shapes, puzzles, seasons, felt board stories, finger plays and exploration.

Many opportunities to build motor skills ~ manipulatives,  playdough, painting and free craft are some ways used to stregthen little fingers and hands.

Presentations of simple Bible stories and Christian concepts such as Jesus' love for us and  God created the world presented through books, feltboard, puppets and dress-up.
Outdoor activities with a covered play structure  ~  hopping,  crawling, skipping, climbing, balancing, jumping, running, chalk, trikes and pretend play with peers all help develop social and large motor skills.

Some other activities include music and singing, exercise, creative movement, and dance. We go on nature walks and take field trips and/or have special visitors like a dental hygeniest to teach us about caring for our teeth.

Daily DEVOTION with teachers and   a weekly chapel time in the church sanctuary with our Pastor.

Our Goals

TO PROVIDE growth in the following areas: SOCIAL * EMOTIONAL * PHYSICAL *

This includes  guidance as your child begins to take part in both small and large group activities. Learning how to listen, share and communicate successfully are all part of this experience.

In addition, we teach conflict resolution. Disputes among the children are settled by talking the problem out and with guided problem solving.

We  provide a good foundation for academic learning at a developmentally appropriate level.

Our ultimate goal is to help your child have a positive self-concept, good social skills, an academic foundation and an eagerness to learn.  All these experiences will help prepare for the next stage of schooling.

We know each child develops at their own rate. We encourage continued growth and enjoyment in learning!

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